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Pest prevention and pest control

Most of the pest control methods we prescribe fall into the category of pest prevention methods. There is a good reason for this, since pest prevention should be not only the primary form of pest control, but also the guiding principle through all other pest control efforts. That being said, pest prevention is pest control in it’s purest form. Preventing pests is pest control in it’s most natural state. It is completely green, in fact it is the only truly green pest control method. Even the green pest control products made with botanical oils have a pretty large carbon footprint compared to avoiding the problem to begin with.

Pest control, with pest prevention as the guiding principle, is similar from pest to pest. It works something like this: First, you learn the habits that the pest has, and the habitat the pest prefers, and then, you find ways of denying them these things.

Let’s start with a very simple example:

Let’s say, that your pest problem is vultures. Casual observation will show that vultures prefer carrion, or rotting meat. If you eliminate the rotting meat from your area, then your vulture pest problem would vanish.

Pest habits and habitats

Knowing the habits, and habitats of a pest will give us the information we need to keep that pest away. In many cases, we don’t even need to know the specifics for each critter, we only need to know that all pests are trying to survive, and that survival depends on their ability to find water, food, and shelter. If they can not find these on your property, they will go away.

Learning to control specific pests

The reason we need to know specific details about each type of pest, is that they don’t all call the same things food. Every creature needs water, every creature needs shelter or cover, but not all creature eat the same things.

Locusts like grass, roaches eat wet decaying wood in nature, scorpions prefer crickets. When you find the favorite food of your particular pest, you have a clue how to get rid of it.

There are some pest problems that are a little more difficult to decipher than others. Subterranean rodents are a case in point. Moles prefer grubs, but what do grubs prefer, and how do they get there to begin with? Gophers eat plant roots, and prevention methods are limited. We will discuss this at length on this site.

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