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Moles can cause serious problems in the home lawn, and other places. Their tenacious tunneling causes erosion, and trip hazards, not to mention the anxiety of the destruction of your fine lawn grasses.

Moles preferred food:

Moles like to eat grubs, and will also eat earth worms. In most cases where moles dine on earth worms, they have followed a trail of white grubs into the lawn.

Treatment or prevention method:

To prevent moles, you need to prevent grubs. What are grubs? They are the larvae stage of a beetle, and in most cases, that beetle is the June beetle, or June bug. To prevent the grubs, you must first prevent the June bugs, so, how do you prevent the June bugs? June bugs are attracted to light, and when they have buzzed around the light for a while, they will buzz off into your lawn to lay their eggs. These eggs will become grubs, and eventually, June bugs. To prevent the June bug, you need to get rid of the light. We all need light, so how can we accomplish this? Bugs are attracted to some lights more than others, so a yellow bulb is better than a clear bulb, and if the lighting color can not be changed, perhaps the lights orientation can.